How To Fit Aluminium Folding Van Ramps


How To Fit Aluminium Folding Van Ramps

Our slip-resistant aluminium folding van ramps are a great way to make loading and unloading your van safer - and easier. Our van ramps are lightweight and durable, and can be fitted to most vans with ease.

Here are the steps:

  • Choose the right ramps for your van. There are many different types of aluminium van ramps available, so it is important to choose the right one for your van. We offer a wide range of widths here. Consider the size of your van as well as the weight of the items you will be loading and unloading. You need to make sure that the ramps have a safe working load (SWL) that is greater than the weight of the heaviest item you will be loading. Our Fixed Folding Ramps have a standard SWL rating of 500kg.
  • Measure the distance between the van floor and the ground. This will help you to determine the length of the ramp you need. We offer folding van ramps in three lengths - 2.1m, 2.35m and 3m, each available in three standard widths. If you need a different length we can manufacture one bespoke to your requirements, just ask!
  • Measure the width of the loading area of the van and choose from our 800mm, 900mm or 1000mm width ramps from the website. Order online or speak to one of our specialist sales team.

When your ramp arrives:

  1. Clean the area where you will be fitting the ramp. This will help to ensure that the ramp fits securely.
  2. Put the ramp in the required position in the van making sure the ramp doesn’t touch the inside of the back doors.
  3. Mark the location where you will be drilling the holes. Check that there are no obstructions underneath the van.
  4. Drill 4 x 12mm diameter holes in the base plate, two at both ends close to the Fulcrum.
  5. Use 4 x M10 x 60mm bolts and put flat plate washers on the underside.
  6. Screw the ramp bracket into place. Make sure that the screws are tight so that the ramp is secure.
  7. Fit the ramp to the bracket.
  8. Fit the gas struts on each side of the ramp in an upright position.
  9. Test the deployment of the ramp and make sure that all connections and bolts are safely secured.

If you are not comfortable fitting our aluminium van ramps yourself, you can always ask us to do it for you at our manufacturing unit in Telford, Shropshire, or buy one of our rest-on van ramps.

Van Ramp Fitting

Here are some additional tips for fitting aluminium van ramps:

  1. If you are fitting the ramps to a van with a sliding door - make sure that the ramp is long enough to extend past the door when it is open.
  2. Van with a step - make sure that the ramp is high enough to clear the step.
  3. Van with a tailgate - make sure that the ramp is wide enough to fit between the tailgate and the ground.
  4. Always use the ramps in a safe manner. Make sure that the area where you are using the ramps is clear of obstacles.
  5. Never overload the ramps. Always use the ramps within their SWL.

By following these tips, you can easily fit aluminium van ramps and make loading and unloading your van a safer and easier task. Any questions, please ask!

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