Alloy Ramps are manufacturers of bespoke and standard PAX and maintenance aircraft stairs for a range of different aircraft.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight build means these can be store in the hold
  • Innovative product from a experiences manufacturer
Air Stairs


Perfect For Small Crafts

Our aircraft PAX stairs are designed to be used for aircraft operating into airports with limited facilities, our portable airstairs offer the ability to provide access under any circumstance. The aircraft stairs are designed and manufactured by our team of experts, using a full aluminium profile. The airstairs offer a full lightweight solution, they can be used for passenger access or for pilot access to the rear hold doors.

Our aircraft stairs weigh just 30kg (66lbs) on models for aircraft with a sill height of up to 1.9 metres ( 6’ 3” ). Our stairs are used by many airlines who have found groundbreaking benefits in self- handling, particularly on VIP flights to airports where there are little utilities.

The stairs reach inside the door onto the cabin floor and do not touch the door sill. As the aircraft is loaded or unloaded the stairs self-level automatically. Assembly takes only a few seconds, they can either be hinged in the middle or slot together depending on preference and storage space. The handrails are detached and held together by elasticated joints and can be stored elsewhere.

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Bespoke Design and Manufacturing

We supply removable aircraft stairs for a number of different aircraft and sill heights. We worked in conjunction with Embraer to design and manufacture removable PAX aircraft stairs for the Embraer 190 – Lineage 1000 aircraft.

The key benefits to our aircraft stairs are that they are designed specifically for YOUR aircarft and requirements. If you want to amend handrail detail, dimensions or useability we are here to listen to your suggestions and work with you. We pride ourselves in manufacturing as part of an entire design process and we understand that as a H&S product yours and your customers sfaety and ease of operation is the most important thing.


Peace of Mind

All of our stairs are manufactured with a 30 year guarantee on the flooring, load-testing certificates are provided and we manufacture the ramps in-house at our manufacturing base in Telford, Shropshire.

Our stairs have been the UK’s favourite for over 25 years and we continue to innovate and our goal is to keep the country moving!

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