Transforming Accessibility: Alloy Ramps' Most Recent Modular Access Ramp


Alloy Ramps' Most Recent Modular Access Ramp

We were delighted to be asked to provide an access solution for a wheelchair user to be able to access their home with ease. We began the project by surveying the site to determine if it is suitable for installing an access ramp. We also gathered all necessary measurements, just like with any other bespoke access project.

Things we take into consideration while conducting a site-survey:

> The layout of the building entrance. It is by far the most restricted part of any bespoke access project. Though, we are here to help!

> The intended use of the ramp

> The length, width, ramp slope, and turn space (if it's an access ramp with a turning point) will vary.

> The height difference between the entrance and the floor

Modular access ramp fitting process:

We take pride in our products, and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all projects. Our installers have cut out a notch on either end of the flat-top base of the access ramp so it would fit the profile of the door perfectly without any gaps (as seen below). This was done on-site to ensure the measurements are precise and to guarantee a perfect fit to the door frame.

Modular Access Ramp 1

During installation, we always make sure the access ramp is level by using adjustable feet. We adjust them to the right height on site. Once we were happy with the height and position of the ramp, we secured it in place by drilling it into the concrete. This not only ensures its stability but also provides anti-theft security.

We saw a big difference between the corridor floor and the door threshold during the initial site survey. To overcome this issue, we supplied the customer with an internal bridging ramp. This bridging ramp helps the wheelchair move over the threshold. It is designed to be removable so the door can close.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions, or if you are looking for a bespoke access ramp solution yourself!

Modular Access Ramp 2